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Anchor of Hope Church

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The people known as Anchor of Hope are committed to becoming a church without walls. Instead of investing our time, energy and financial resources into programs and facilities meant to attract others to us, we have chosen to be an Incarnational or fully Missional expression of Jesus’ church in our community. Our desire is to utilize our talents, influence and resources to represent “Christ going into the world” in all that we do.

We have chosen not to invest in buildings and institutions, instead we meet in homes, parks or community centers…any place you find people living, working and enjoying our community; that’s where you’ll find us as well.

In place of programs and classes offered briefly each week, we plan “Relational Discipleship Days” for Men, Women and Children as well. These days are filled with learning God’s Word, building truly meaningful relationships and together going out to engage our community with practical expressions of love and service. We believe these extended times of learning and practical application are far more effective than your typical curriculum driven classes.

Our goal is not to simply attract people to a weekly worship service, but to truly empower people to be the church, faithfully meeting and serving throughout our community. Providing service opportunities and relational groups where people feel loved, with a sense of purpose and belonging, believing that together we can manifest God’s Kingdom through grace, mercy and love to those who need it most.

Allan Jones – Lead Pastor

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