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Enjoy the convenience of having a CARTS bus pick you up at your home, take you to your destination, and then back home again. Ideal for disabled individuals or others requiring special assistance, Community Transit service provides curb-to-curb transportation throughout Central Texas. To schedule your ride call 1-800-456-RIDE (7433) Rides are scheduled Monday thru Friday, from 7:00am to 4:00pm. 24-hours advance notice recommended. Local vehicles serve neighboring towns, so ride times may vary. We'll set up a time for pickup within our time slots of general availability. On your first call we will request information to enter into your customer profile, and after that we will know you when you call. It's that simple. The CARTS Community Transit service can help you or someone you know who needs a ride for shopping, city business, medical appointments, work, nutrition visits or any other purpose.

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