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Living Love Animal Rescue

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Nestled in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas is a 9 acre ranch dedicated to the care, welfare and adoption of abuse and abandoned dogs and cats. It is a place where love abounds and the amazing energy of volunteers can be felt. No challenge is too great for the Living Lovers, as our volunteers are called.

Living Love Animal Rescue is a no kill animal rescue in the Hill Country of Texas, and has been a 501c3 tax exempt entity since 2010. The lovely 9.2 acres on which the shelter rests is home to approximately 65 dogs and cats, all of which have been abused or abandoned. Living Love rescues and rehabilitates these animals before finding them loving forever homes. Those who are not homed locally are transported to other no-kill facilities in the area to take advantage of a larger adoption pool. Permanent residents are few, but are assured of a loving home for the rest of their lives right here with us at Living Love.

Our all volunteer facility functions through the generosity of our donors and the income of a small thrift shop located in Marble Falls, as well as through the kindness of various local businesses who allow us to have fundraising activities on their premises throughout the year.

It is our policy to cooperate completely with other animal welfare organizations in the area. We are active in the spay-neuter programs and in the trap, neuter, and return of local feral cat colonies. Living Love is a center of activity for those in the community whose various handicaps have limited their participation in local life. Intellectually challenged adults, returned veterans, students needing projects and the elderly all contribute as volunteers in one way or another to the saving of the little lives we so cherish.



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