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Silva Method Seminars

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Welcome to the original world famous Silva Method of Mind Development and Stress Control, the mind power program created by Jose Silva, based on over 22 years of initial research (and first taught in seminar form in 1966). It is my privilege and honor to be a Certified Instructor of the Silva Method Seminars and to have taught the Method since 1986.
It was also my privilege and honor to be taught and mentored by Jose Silva, Laura Silva Quesada and leading Silva instructors.

Jose Silva’s Course is the original Alpha/Theta Training that is now taught in over 107 countries and experienced by millions of people. It is a profound experience where you create solutions for personal power and self improvement, enhance memory, learning and focus and discover your power for self-healing.

You also awaken and develop your intuitive wisdom to improve the quality of life for yourself and/or your loved ones.

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