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Texas Housing Foundation

MissionProvide opportunities for lower income residents of the State of Texas to live in decent and safe housing that they can afford located in communities of which they can be proud.
CreationThe Texas Housing Foundation was created to provide a tool to create, develop, administer, manage, and provide services to affordable housing projects through related business entities and for the residents and communities in which they are located. Through 2013, over $140MM financed to develop over 1400 units.
VisionWe envision communities in which families and individuals, senior citizens and children, independent and interdependent citizens, live and grow in homes and neighborhoods that are comfortable and valuable. We have developed and/or manage 1400+ units of affordable housing.
LeadershipTHF is governed by a 5-member board of directors appointed by the County Commissioners of each participating county; as well as an appointed Resident Commissioner. Currently Bastrop, Blanco, Burnet and Llano Counties participate within the organizational structure of the Texas Housing Foundation.
GoalsCREATE OPPORTUNITIES - Single-family and multifamily residences that meet the needs of lower income residents for decent and affordable housing.CREATE VALUE - Residential properties that are assets to our residents and our neighborhoods.CREATE QUALITY - Residents are customers who have choices. Their satisfaction is our business.
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