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8 year old fun on National Mac and Cheese Day

8 year old fun on National Mac and Cheese Day!

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It started like a normal day, until Liz picked me up from the Boys and Girls Club, aka the BGC! We made our way to the chamber, picked up some stuff, then we went to Double Horn!!

Double Horn was BIG and cool. The fans are awesome in Texas heat. We set down at a table and they brought me a kids menu. It had a some tough choices and the Mac and cheese won in the end.

While I waited on the Mac to come. I added two lemons in my water. The seeds fell in and I swished them around. Did you know if you swirl your straw really fast the seeds will fly?

Our server, oh no, I forgot his name; he was good! :) He brought us lunch and we savored it. The Mac n cheese got killed. It was TUBULAR!!! It came in a small bowl and was nice and warm. The first bite was amazing. It’s not too cheesey, not too shabby. I ate the whole thing. I bet I ate over 20 noodles! After I finished the mac, I might or might not have licked the bowl. I looked innocent, I promise.

We paid the check and left the building. Double Horn is the best! It’s a great place to celebrate National Mac and Cheese day!

The End!!

By: ELIAS JOHNSON THE 8 YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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