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How a little "Heart and Soul" can keep you stress free in 2017

For most people, a New Year brings the feeling of a clean slate, but between work, school, and home, we have plenty of things on our minds that can stress us out. It’s easy to get bogged down in the busyness of life, taking little time to give ourselves a moment to clear our minds and relax, but what if some simple daily Yoga practices could dramatically (if not completely) relieve your stress and give you a sense of well being in the new year? Brad Offett, The Director of Possibility at Heart and Soul Integrative Health and Yoga, has a few pointers to help you out.

“First, It is my belief that Stress is the root of all disease. We may be worried about past, future, or present, and those things make us uneasy, and the lack of ease, causes disease. (Key word Dis-Ease) We hold our stressors in our bodies, and too often, We take on stress over things we cant control. (i.e. political issues, global issues, family issues) The truth is, We can only control what is happening right in front of us. We cannot always solve big problems beyond our control.” We’ve all heard that Yoga can be a big stress reliever, but how can you use it to lower the stress in your own life?

Yoga is all about your breath. Using breathing as the focal point of the practice, It doesn’t overwork or underwork you. It centers you, and removes the worries of life. “If I'm using my breath (practicing deep breathing) I'm very present, only thinking about the moment I am in right now, Which is a huge stress reliever.” Simple breathing exercises allow you to set aside your racing thoughts and worries, and live in the moment. Apart from reducing stress, deep breathing will boost your energy! Want to replace energy drinks? Take a few minutes out of every day to take five deep breaths, and feel totally reenergized!

A huge benefit of Yoga is developing the ability to “sit and stay” in “fight or flight” situations. “In the animal kingdom, animals establish dominance when met with a possible threat (a daunting or stress causing circumstance for us) by get really big and powerful, they bow up and stretch out their bodies. In Yoga you are doing the same, reaching high and wide, broadening out, boosting your confidence and refining your reactions and responses to stressful situations.”

So the next time you’re at your desk, worried about deadlines, or in line to pick up your kids, thinking about their schedules and routines, try taking a moment to breathe in deep, and clear your mind. It is when you’re out and about going through your daily routine that you make the most difference. Doing simple breathing exercises for 15 minutes a day can reduce your stress, boost your confidence, refine your reaction time, and overall, change your life.

Heart and Soul Integrative Health and Yoga offers restorative medicine testing, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, IV nutritional therapy, weight loss programs, wellness and lifestyle programs and a variety of aesthetic spa services. Our goal is to help people achieve their maximum level of health using medicine based on physiology, not drugs for symptoms.


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