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Introducing the Cruze Now app, your lake day awaits!

Ever heard of Uber? It’s the popular ride hailing app that allows you to request a ride to and from anywhere (in about 300 cities worldwide) at the touch of a button. The idea that you could be sitting on your couch, open an app, punch in where you want to go and request a driver was revolutionary when it released, and it works for people in hundreds of cities around the world who are planning a night out, or looking to get to and from the airport.

Now, this is Marble Falls, and it’s no secret that we love our lake activities. What if there was an app that, much like Uber, you could request a ride right from your phone, only not for a car, but a BOAT? Thanks to the NEW Cruze Now app, you can! Cruze Now is the FIRST on demand charter service, where you request a vessel and captain, pile your friends on a boat and go experience whatever lake activity you enjoy the most, all from an app on your phone.

Experienced captains will take you on your favorite lake adventures like wake surfing, wake boarding, tubing and cruising, all at the touch of a button. Below are some frequently asked questions that will help you plan your next lake adventure with Cruze Now.

How do I request a Cruze Now?

On your iOS phone (iPhone), download the Cruze Now app in the App Store. The app will then walk you through booking your Cruze Now!

How much does it cost for a Cruze Now?

Fares are calculated by the hour. Currently our rates for cruise, wake and surf are $150, $160 and $171, respectively. This means you're not paying per person so go ahead and bring 8!

How can I pay for my Cruze Now?

After downloading the app, you will be able to securely add and save your credit card info in your account. As of now your account will be charged for the full amount upon booking.

Are Cruze Now charters safe?

Yes! While Cruze Now Captains provide and own their own boats, this ensures they are experienced with their vessels and can ensure your safety and comfort. Captains are also required to pass Texas Parks and Wildlife Boater Safely courses, as well as provide insurance and all US Coast Guard required equipment.

What is the duration of a Cruze Now?

Unlike traditional boat rental services, riders are not constrained to half day or full day rentals. Cruze Now can be booked whenever you choose and can be ended whenever you decide you are ready to be finished!

Can I bring my own equipment?

Cruze Now drivers are required to provide any listed equipment for the type of Cruze Now booked, but all riders are encouraged to bring any equipment they would prefer to use!

Where is Cruze Now currently available?

Cruze Now is operating on-demand on Lake LBJ, and will be available to “Book for Future” (as little as 24 hours in advance) for Lakes Marble Falls, Buchanan, Travis and Austin.

Download, and learn more about the Cruze Now app at www.thecruzeapp.com. "Your lake day awaits!"

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