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Office Fluorescents got you down? Mix up your meeting style!

Traditionally, we set up meetings in offices and conference rooms because it’s easy, it’s close for everybody, and it’s an overall common practice, but sometimes meeting in the office can get a little bland. (especially when you’re coming up with fresh ideas and trying to get creative) What if mixing it up and moving around could help get those creative juices flowing and make your meetings more productive?

Maybe it’s just me, but when it comes to an important phone conversation or conference, I’m a pacer. I find myself walking all over my house or work, without really thinking about where I’m walking. I can start a conversation in my home office, and end up a half mile away from my home before the call is over. I’ve always thought this was silly, but I’ve come to realize that when I am up and moving around, I am more creative, and I find it easier to work through my thoughts and ideas. Plus, medical studies show that moving around while you work boosts your cognitive ability to get stuff done! Here are just a few ways you can mix up your meeting style!

Take a stroll through Historic Main Street

Talk business with some Marble Falls flavor! Take your prospective customer for a walk through Historic Main Street and go over your business proposals while taking in the Unique Culture of Marble Falls stretch your legs and get those ideas rolling as you move around and talk through your ideas. Walking with a person instead of sitting across from them can help loosen things up and boost your morale.

Shoot some hoops at Lakeside

Take that next big business idea all the way to the bucket! I know, running lay-ups in a button up and tie sounds a bit exhausting, but passing and shooting the ball around while going over marketing plans for the year could be just what you need to capture that “light in a bottle” idea you’ve been waiting for, plus, being active boosts cognitive ability by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain, so those great ideas may come Faster and more organically.

Create your next masterpiece with The Painted Pallet

Show off your artistic ability by painting your very on DIY wooden sign at The Painted Pallet, and talking shop with your fellow employees, make something cool for your home or office and use the part of your brain that is already creating and channel that energy into strategizing and working toward your goals. Show your colleague that thinking critically doesn’t have to be dull and boring, but a fun and creative process.

Meetings are an essential part of getting important work done, why not make them more fun and interactive? Fit a little bit of movement, and some creativity into your weekly work schedule, bring your colleague, and get things done!

To find out more about The Painted Pallet, visit http://bit.ly/2jWtSvI
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