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7 Places to Network that aren’t in Austin

Sure, Austin is great and very purposeful, however driving an hour after work, staying at an event for hour, then another hour drive home can be rough. We're talking eating a bowl of cereal for dinner, rough. Check out these seven great local places to network to help you skip the trip to Austin.

1) Waiting in Line:

How many times a day do you stand in line? I’m not talking the social security line, yet a short, one person in front of you line. Think the bank, HEB, or even to grab your morning coffee. At least once a day right? Next time your there instead of checking an email on your phone or scrolling through Facebook, say hello to the person around you. You don’t have to give them your elevator pitch, just a simple “hi, how are you?” will work just fine. We live in a small enough town where you will see them again and again, then overtime, bam, a new connection.

2) Alumni Associations:

In our area alone we represent the Aggies, Longhorns, Texas Tech and more. It's time to get connected with your school. They are here and they are hosting events each month. For example, the Texas Exes host Thirsty Thursday each month at Double Horn. This is a great place to find a mentor who might who is a few years older than you.

3) Anytime Fitness:

If you live down Mormon Mill Road you know Anytime Fitness always has a full parking lot. Why not get a membership and use this as a time to get healthy and expand your networking circle. Don’t be the person who is trying to have a full blown conversation and sprint a mile at the same time, that’s not a good look for anyone. Just casually meet a few folks here and there, who knows they might be the person interviewing you for that new job you have had your eye on.

4) Save the World:

It’s Friday or Saturday and work is the last thing on your mind yet next time you are at STW make sure to give it a few thoughts. Their Tasking Room is full of locals and visitors alike and its a great chance to network with folks outside your industry bubble. Bonus: come out this Friday at 5pm for “Mingle with the Mayor”. Grab your favorite beer and have a good convo.

5) Your Inner Circle:

I’m guessing your like us, you probably know where your friends work and their title yet do you know what their day-to-day responsibilities are? Keeping the whole “work/life” balance in mind, take the time to get to know what your friends really do. They might be working on a project you can help with or they could know someone who can help you on that item that seems to lingering on your to-do list.

6) Double Horns' bar area:

Grab a co-worker and head on down to Double Horn. Their bar area is a great place to meet folks after work. Grab a beer and buy one for a stranger, who knows what might happen. Bonus: it’s inside and perfect during the winter.

7)The gas pump:

Excluding the days where is it 25 degrees yet feels like negative ten, the gas pump is a great place to network. If it’s a busy day and your standing across form someone, be the first to speak, say hello and ask them how their day was. Small connections often lead to great opportunities.

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